OZI4X4 Passion was to bring the best Designed and innovated steel and Aluminium ute Canopy in the market; designing our Own steel & Aluminium Line of Trays was just the beginning.
We Designed our Aluminium ute Canopy Here in Sydney and with manufacturers overseas to meet Demand and make them Cost-Effective for our customers. We have located ourselves in a 2000 SQM warehouse here in the heart of Sydney Smithfield.
Over the past years, we have noticed a change in the market as Most customers who wish to DIY services have been more in demand which meant for our product to be shipped all over Australia Including Tasmania.

If you are a person on the move and seeking to pick an option for a tradesman trailer that will meet the requirements for years to come, OZI4X4 is the right place to be. These trailers are the perfect epitome of sturdiness and utility that amalgamate to offer you the best mode of transport. It is a user-friendly accessory that can be hooked into your ute without any hassle. Whether you want to get the most out of your 4WD vehicle or want to transport heavy items, nothing can beat the features these trailers have to offer.

Website: https://ozi4x4.com.au
Location: 2/13 chifly street, Smithfield, NSW 2164
Phone no: 1300 694 494