If you’ve driven your vehicle for over a decade, it would be tough to let go when it’s time has come. A car wrecking company is undoubtedly not the place you want to see your vehicle. However, many often prefer to sell their junk car at a premium rate. A car removal company is often the best option than car dealers, exchange offers, or even online selling.

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There are mainly four steps that ensue once the vehicle is taken to the scrapyard.
In this post, we’re going to discover the car recycling process.

How is a car recycled at a Scrapyard?
The service of pick up cars for cash Sydney has to offer can go up to $8,000 or more depending on several factors. We won’t get into the details but rather tell you about how a scrap car is recycled.
1. At the scrapyard, the car is taken apart so that salvageable parts are removed for selling to interested manufacturers. Excessvehicle fluids and contaminated components are safely disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.
2. The leftover metal is then lifted by mechanical arms or heavy magnets for transferring into the crusher. The crusher does the obvious; it crushes the metal into a cube under the pressure of 2400 psi.
3. This metal cube is now fed to a shredder and broken down into smaller pieces of metal.
4. There is the task of separating rubber, cloth, mats and cushions from metal heaps. For this, huge magnet drums roll over the metal, collecting valuable metal items ready to be used again.
The recycling process may not look or seem pretty. However, the environment is safe from being exposed to toxic chemicals and harmful leakages.

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