1. Teach them the skills which they can use as a tool to solve money problem and achieve their goals
2. Teach them the strategies and skills to get their first outcome maybe to create a company website or get 1-2 clents.
3. Three ways you can educate people - Attitude, Skills & Knowledge.
Attitude is most important so make them think like an entrepreneur.
Share Knowledge filtered through your experiences.
Skill is to convert their attitude & knowledge to start an agency business and they should feel you are improving their skills.
Give the assignments, practical things to achieve their skill faster
They feel like wining not learning
4. Make them set goals, good morning habits, healthy foods, yoga, get up early, freedom lifestyle, spend time with family, charity, financial planning,
Help them achieve their first outcome so they will shift to 2nd outcome that is your level course
Support them to solve their problem to achieve what was promised and nurture them even after the class
Make them feel you are solving their money problems or skills without any investment
Make them realize then if you follow these 6 steps you achieve their goals
I want to transform your life into an entrepreneurial lifestyle
Give them a hole strategy that's completely fine but charge for mastery in level 1
Because when people know that even if they achieve the first outcome they need to maintain their outcome, improve skills, ask for help from the community, etc.
Set the right context in WhatsApp class, not content. for example, these are the only 3 steps needed to start this business in life.
Whatsapp Class Plan
Day 1: Overview of technology and outcome
Day 2: Level 1 Badge Milestone
Day 3: Level 2 Badge Milestone
Day 4: Award Milestone Outcome
Day 5: Graduation ceremony for Awardees

Stories are better than funnels:
Story Triangle - Ppl buy when they compare this with you freelancing chasing after client now client chase me. It should create a new attitude.

Ask them to take action because if they don't then they will always be wantrepreneur and fall for all shinny objects and a knowledgeable consumer this will not help them to be an entrepreneur

Make them believe you are giving this 10 years of experience and skill in just 3 days class.

Share insights based on your own experience will determine how much you will sell

Invest in experts and learn quick

don't go to too much knowledge consuming

take quick action, just jump don't wait don't have to be perfect

analysis paralysis

Gamify the class experience so that they feel they a

Open the WhatsApp group at a particular time only for interactions

Make it clear with a set of rules at the beginning of the class on WhatsApp msg

Release the badges every single day of your 5 days class.. give badges to people who have successfully completed the tasks.

Dont keep whatsapp support , when some one sends msg auto reply to person saying email your query to [email protected]

Be the tough master and make people do tasks