You can have a great deal of fun with a custom camera roll. There is something fun and funny about creating your own roll to use on your camera. If you need a camera roll for an important event, consider buying one at a local retail location and creating the scenes that you want to include. You could also create a funny photo by taking a picture of yourself with someone that is not a friend and then posting it onto the Internet. The person that you are with should be able to identify the photo and have an idea of what you look like. Now you have a great memory that you can take pictures of and share on the Internet.

If you are having a party and need to take pictures of everyone in the room, consider creating a camera roll keychain to place around the neck of everyone in the room. If you are a business owner or know someone who owns their own business, you can purchase a roll of film and a camera roll or two and create your own unique camera roll keychain. This can be great fun for family members and friends who never get to visit your house just because you take the time to create something fun and roll keychain
There are many things that you can do with a camera roll. You can make memories with a camera roll keychain and have pictures taken of your kids and friends while they are playing outside or having fun. You can take pictures of your favorite foods and put them on the roll for later to enjoy. You can even get creative and start your own roll that features things such as an ice cream van and candy stores.