o Levi "Levi's" - The classic blue and white design of these great shirts is sure to bring any look together. From the basic long sleeve to the sophisticated crewnecks, you'll find a design for every season and every occasion. Choose from solid colors to alternating patterns and weave pockets for an extra dose of color. Free shipping over $ 49.

o Ugg" Statement" - The tall sweaters in the" Statement" collection by Ugg are sure to make any woman stand out in a crowd. The sheepskin and wool make them ideal for chilly winter days. Plus, the short sleeves add an unexpected twist to your normal short sleeved shirt. This year's design is reminiscent of the native tribes of Australia with its bright multicolored pattern. Available in black, blue and yellow, this year's style will certainly be a hit.

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o J Brand "Reinvented" - The new "Reinvented" series is an updated take on J Brand's timeless designs. This time around, they've teamed up with American designer Regan Lamb to produce a shirt that's a perfect fit for today's man. This shirt has the same rugged good looks of the older model but with updated details and modern design.